BeauBronz Training

I run regular training classes, whether this is group sessions or private. These are generally conducted at Glitz, however if you would like me to come to you, please give me a call to discuss further.

Unique Benefits:

  • Free from alcohol and harsh chemicals, odourless, long lasting, quick developing.
  • Can be customised to suit the needs of the client e.g. healthy glow based on a week in Spain, or a deeper tan based on 2 weeks in the Caribbean.
  • Unique 3 phase tanning system, which involves a pre-tan exfoliating spray and a post- tan moisture lock spray,
  • The professional tanning solutions are over 95% natural Paraben Free containing certified organic ingredients. All products have certificates issued by an independent consultant on natural products.

A Tan like no other!

If you WANT TO PROMOTE A TANNING SYSTEM WHICH looks like you have been away on holiday, rather than looking like you have JUST had a Spray Tan, THEN LOOK NO FURTHER!

Our Brands
Jane Ciredale
Perron Riot

Premier Status
Advanced Nutrition Program
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